IT Maintenance Plan

With the in-depth development of information technology processes, IT applications will be more extensive, enterprise IT systems will become increasingly complex and diverse, the system updates, upgrades the speed will be faster. This makes a lot of enterprises, especially SMEs, to comprehensive IT personnel with skills to organize and operate and maintain the support of their own IT systems. Moreover, since the narrowness of their IT application systems, individual enterprises is difficult to retain high-quality IT professionals. Faced with this dilemma, procurement markets in mature IT outsourcing services has become the most realistic option for such enterprises. With the IT outsourcing service providers of professional services capabilities, companies are expected to achieve better cost control, will apply the latest IT technology to the enterprise IT systems, IT systems and their businesses to achieve seamless connectivity. Huge differences can be seen, SMEs themselves IT resources, capabilities and increasingly common and important IT application between the development of China's IT outsourcing services market has provided a broad space. In particular securities, funds, insurance, city commercial banks and other small financial institutions, small and medium manufacturing enterprises, circulation enterprises and government departments, all will become important users of outsourcing services.


eeio highly qualified to provide professional information technology support, maintenance and consulting services, and a "monthly plan" or "pay-per-discount plan" to attach together the different needs of customers, while achieving customer the pursuit of stable and reliable computer systems. Our IT support and maintenance plan for the needs of regular customers to the following:

  • Restricted budget
  • Lack of internal IT support staff

Through our experience and knowledge, we offer our customers a powerful IT support services, and a wide range, will be able to meet your needs; these include:

  • IT construction planning and maintenance
  • Hardware or software installation and setup
  • Data backup and reprint
  • System Security and Management
  • IT consultancy services
  • Server application and management
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Virus removal
  • Information recombinant